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Elements of Design

1st Place - Peter Gkonos

2nd Place - Jim Hay

3rd Place - Team Masella

People in Nature

1st Place - Mariann O'Connor

2nd Place - Dave Lamb

3rd Place - Marylou Toewe

Details and Macro

1st Place - Iryna Bortnytska

2nd Place - Iryna Bortnytska

3rd Place - Mariann O'Connor


1st Place - David Rosenthal

2nd Place - David Rosenthal

3rd Place - Susan Rachlin

Black & White, Monochrome and Infrared

1st Place - Monica Costello

2nd Place - Iryna Bortnytska

3rd Place - Iryna Bortnytska

Manmade (except bridges)

1st Place - Floyd Johnson

2nd Place - Jim Hay

3rd Place - Alison Larsen


1st Place - Maria-Woznyj

2nd Place - Peter Gkonos

3rd Place - Robert Spencer

Director's Choice Award
for the Image that Best Exemplifies the Trust’s Mission
Mariann O'Connor